Student Contest

A Student Contest was held among the students awarded with free registration as a result of evaluation of their papers submitted to the JURSE 2023 for presentation. The papers’ titles and students’ names and affiliations are included in the following table.

Title Name and Affiliation
Mapping built-up area: combining Radar and Optical Imagery using Google Earth Engine Soukaina Tayi (Mohammed VI Polytechnic University)
A nationwide dataset of building features for Germany Fengxiang Guo (UFZ – Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research)
Polygon-based mapping of photovoltaic systems and estimation of energy generation potential Qipeng Mei (Technical University of Darmstadt)
Seasonal semi-supervised domain adaptation for linking population studies and Local Climate Zones Basile Rousse (Université Paris Cité)
From Relative to Absolute Heights in SAR-based Single-Image Height Prediction Michael Recla (University of the Bundeswehr Munich)
Evaluation of Urban Weather Generator for air temperature and urban heat islands simulation over Toulouse (France) Hiba Hamdi (Kermap)
Impacts of Altered Human Activities due to COVID 19 Lockdown on Air Pollutants and Land Surface Temperatures across European Cities Patricia Glocke (Ruhr-University Bochum)
Advantages of Polarimetry and Interferometry for Semantic Segmentation of Urban SAR Images with Consideration of the Layover Louis Newman (Université Paris-Saclay)
UCDFormer: Unsupervised Change Detection Using Real-time Transformers Qingsong Xu (Technical University Munich)
Initial development of the urbisphere urban hyperspectral library: Berlin, Germany Giannis Lantzanakis (Foundation for Research and Technology – Hellas)

Students presented their papers on Thursday May 18 during the Student Contest Sessions and responded to questions from the audience. After the end of the Sessions, a poll was conducted, where JURSE 2023 participants could select the best paper, contributing to the Contest result. The result was announced during the Gala Dinner and the Best Student Contest Paper Awards were granted to Patricia Glocke and Giannis Lantzanakis.