Special Sessions

Future settlement growth modelling with EO products

Felix Bachofer, German Aerospace Center (DLR), Germany
Andrea Reimuth, Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich, Germany


Earth observation (EO)-based information products have been used successfully in science, planning and by decision-makers for years. After a long-lasting process, the EO-derived products have managed to achieve a high level of acceptance amongst various players. The products provide information about the land surface and urban developments in different spatial resolutions. The archives of the EO missions can be exploited to depict historical circumstances, as well as near-real-time images to support timely decisions. Based on historical data of the archives, consistent data products on settlement development at local and global level are available today. These time series data open up new possibilities and allow to add the future dimension to the set of EO-based products by means of future modelling. This provides planners and decision-makers with important information in order to prepare for the future challenges of global change. The “Future settlement growth modelling with EO products” session will discuss the usability of EO products and the demand of future modelling approaches in the urban sphere, as well as practical applications.