Social Events

The JURSE 2023 program will host social events, which are addressed to all registered participants and accompanying persons.

Ice Breaker (May 16)

This welcome event will take place at the conference venue and will include snack buffet and beverages. This event is ideal for networking among participants in a hospitable setting, while participants will also have the chance to register in advance for the conference.

Cultural Tour (May 17)

A guided cultural tour at the Knossos Palace has been planned including transport with bus from/to the conference venue. Visitors will learn about the thriving Minoan civilization and will wander across the ruins of this unique archaeological site. The tour will end with a buffet and beverages on-site.

Gala Dinner (May 18)

A visit to the Lyrarakis winery at the Heraklion outskirts with bus from/to the conference venue has been organized. Visitors will have the chance to taste different local wine varieties and delectable cuisine at a site surrounded by the natural beauty of the island. During the dinner, the result of the student contest will be announced too.